is dedicated to passing on to children a lifelong love of dance, movement and exercise.

  • Concerns with physical development of young people by supporting and promoting opportunities to develop and practise their fine and gross motor skills,
  • Designs activities to accommodate children of varying physical characteristics and ability levels and uses appropriate movements for their age range, Emphasises working toward muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and healthy body composition through dance, games and gymnastic activities,
  • Increases children understanding of how their bodies work and what they need to healthy and safe through guided discovery and exploration,
  • Nurtures each child as an individual and provides a non-competitive learning environment,
  • Provides kids an early introduction to fitness and healthy living and guarantee that all children regardless of athletic ability are able to benefit from participation.

Our uniquely designed dance programmes enhance both the physical and mental growth of your child. Children can grow in appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of the art and science of dance. Students are encouraged to use their minds as well as their bodies to become whole dancers and to gain the self-confidence necessary to meet the challenges of the dance studio and beyond. aims to provide a healthy and nurturing environment, which allows every child to "Dance to Fit - Fit to Dance • Moving to Learn - Learning to Move".


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