A growing number of children today are not used to moving and playing, and have often missed important developmental stages in movement. Many children are not sufficiently aware of their bodies and their movement and orientation in space. This lack of awareness has repercussions for learning and general health that can last well into adulthood.

As you strive to give your children the best foundation for success, is there to help you along the way. Our professionally developed, non-competitive curriculum has been designed to build motor skills while having fun, and simultaneously fostering enhanced emotional, intellectual and social skills. Our dance programmes include the elements of  movement, gymnastics, exercise, music, games, listening and cooperation. Each child receives individual attention and progresses at their own pace in a non-threatening, warm and nurturing environment.

This website contains details of our programmes and comprehensive information that we think you will find relevant. We look forward to seeing you and your children at .

Cecilia Chan Programme & Teaching Director
MSc / BPhil / BBA / RAD TD / RAD RTS/ Cert. Children Fitness Instructor


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