Cecilia Chan, Programme and Teaching Director

Miss Cecilia Chan is an experienced practicing dance and movement instructor. Since gaining the Registered Teacher Status and Teaching Diploma from the Royal Academy of Dance, UK in 1992, she has been worked independently as a freelance dance teacher, in collaboration with different sectors including kindergartens, primary schools as well as community centers and private dance studios to promote dance for all ages. She has considerable practical experience in the preparation and delivery of dance and movement classes, and being familiar with a range of teaching methods and theories relate to the safe dance practice.

Throughout her teaching career, she has always been driven by the need to continue studying. In 1999, Miss Chan graduated from City University of Hong Kong with a BBA degree in China Business. She then received her BPhil degree in Ballet Teaching and Contextual Studies in 2001 and a MSc degree in Exercise and Nutrition science in 2004. In 2011 she completed the MEd programme in Sport Science and Physical Education at CUHK. Since 2006, she has been appointed as a Tutor and a Practical Teaching Supervisor by Royal Academy of Dance, UK. Her responsibilities include tutoring and assessing trainee dance teachers based in Hong Kong via distance learning, and also during their practical teaching placements. Miss Chan is currently working for the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, CUHK as a part-time research and teaching assistant, teaching fundamental movement skills to pre-service PE teachers and assisting in physical activity projects. Miss Chan's education and experience demonstrate a commitment to safety, professionalism and ongoing education.



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