Details of Make-up Lesson Arrangements (For Students of Dance Curriculum ONLY)

Make-up lesson may be arranged under the following circumstances
a) Sickness, emergency OR other personal commitment*.
b) After paid the tuition fee for that month

*For sickness and emergency reasons, make-up lesson will only be arranged with advance telephone notice.
*For any reasons of personal commitment, make-up lesson will only be arranged with advance written notice, stating reasons and dates.

  • For twice weekly class, maximum 2 make-up lessons will be made each month.
  • For once weekly class, maximum 1 make-up lesson will be made each month.
  • All make-up lessons should be booked at Reception. A valid make-up lesson admission pass will be given to student with prior approval from the Studio/Faculty.
  • All students for a makeup lesson should bring their valid admission pass and notify the teacher of the class upon their arrivals.
  • Please remember that a makeup lesson is never as good for your child as your child's regular class. All make-up lessons will be arranged subject to availability. Students may be arranged to attend a make-up lesson in either higher or lower level than the student is studying.
  • Students with too many absences may not only jeopardize their own performance in classes and examinations, but also their partners and groups' performance. In this case, they are likely to be barred from entering the coming RAD examinations.


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