Why "Required" Class Attire is Important?

Good grooming is an essential part of dance training. It is important for parents to educate their child the habits of good grooming. We did not invent the ballet dress-code. We are just carrying on an age-old tradition that works. When students wear light pink tights or socks, the teacher can see what muscles are working and what muscles have been forgotten. When students wear a leotard, the teacher can see the correct body placement and give helpful hints on alignment changes that are necessary. Also, in the pre-school and grade classes, it is very distracting when one child walks in with a fancy glittering tutu skirt. The students spend the rest of the class distracted by that students dance wear. One other benefit to having a dress code is the sense of pride that the whole class feels. They stand up a little straighter, they look around and realize they are in a place where everyone is ready to learn!


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