Nurturing Multiple Intelligences Through Movement and Dance Education - More Movement, Smarter Kids

In 1983 developmental psychologist Howard Gardner of Harvard University wrote a groundbreaking book call Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which has made an impact in the world of education in the last two decades. Originally Gardner identified seven "kinds of smart" - that is, seven ways that children (all individuals, really) have of learning and knowing. Among them was the bodily/kinaesthetic intelligence, which is strong in people who solve problems or who create with their bodies or body parts. The other intelligences Gardner has identified are linguistic (people who are "word smart"), logical/mathematical (those with strong reasoning/ "number smart" skills), spatial (those who can envision how things orient in space), interpersonal (people who relate well to others), intrapersonal (those ho know themselves well), and musical (people interested in sounds and the patterns they can create).

When a child is moving/dancing, he/she is not only using and further developing his/her bodily /kinaesthetic intelligence; he/she is also further developing spatial intelligence. When a child moves/dances in response to musical elements like tempo, volume, rhythm, and pitch, he/she is enhancing his/her musical intelligence. And if they are solving problems, the logical/mathematical intelligence is involved too. Let's the kids move! The theory of multiple intelligences gives us one more argument that more movement makes smarter kids.


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