Movement Experiences and Physical Fitness Education in Early Childhood

offers all children to experience a broad and balanced range of movement experiences, including dance activities, games activities and gymnastics activities.

Dance Activities
Dance is concerned with the acquisition of control, coordination and versatility in the use of the body and assists in the maintenance and development of strength and flexibility. Through dance activities, children can explore the dynamics of movement; functional as well as expressive. Dance gives children the opportunities to explore movement as a means of communication. It is the body that is the instrument of this expression, blending time, space, weight and flow together to capture the essential quality of dance. In this non-verbal language children express their feelings, convey ideas and create moods when they dance.

Games Activities
Playing games present many opportunities for learning. Games contribute to cognitive, psycho-motor and affective development. Many opportunities exist for communication, solving problems, teamwork, decision making, fair play and coping with winning and losing. Children should be introduced to the strategies linked to playing games to improve tactical awareness. Opportunities should exist for individual development of motor skills, cooperation leading to competition with others and a high degree of physical activities.

Gymnastics Activities
Children's natural movements as they climb, swing, roll, scramble over objects and balance so much a part of childhood. All children enjoy the thrill of these actions, the physical challenge and the opportunity to shape their movement response in their own creative fashion. A gymnastics programme aims to extend these basic skills through a series of progressive physical challenges. Gymnastics also aims to develop control and quality of movement. Movement actions comprise of travelling, turning, rolling, jumping, balancing, swinging and climbing. Through work in this area, children link movement together on the floor and on simple apparatus showing understanding of concepts such as precision, body tension, stillness, extension and fluency in movements that are proficient and aesthetically pleasing.


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