• COVER-UPS are required for all students entering and exiting the School premises / building.
  • All students cannot leave the Studio after arrival. If they want to leave the premises, they should inform the staff at the Reception.
  • After lesson, students under 12 are required to stay inside the School premises until a parent or caregiver picks them up. For safety reason, students should be picked up within 15 minutes after the class ends.
  • All personal belongings (clothes, shoes & bag etc.) should be put into the lockers provided. To avoid mixing up yours with other students, please label all belongings.
  • Upon arrival, students must register at Reception along with their handbooks.
  • Students must arrive the Studio on time.
  • For effective class management and safety reason, it is highly recommended that parents/caregivers should bring their young child students to the toilet (outside the studio) before the start of class.
  • Remember that the Reception area is not sound-proof. Please control your visiting children and keep conversations quiet.
  • Turn off mobile phones so that children have 100% of their attention during class. If anyone who wants to use mobile phones within the school premises, please keep your volume low or use outside the premises.
  • Students should turn "OFF" mobile phones during lessons.
  • Food and drink is prohibited inside the School premises.
  • Without prior permission from the School, no photo or video taking is allowed within the premises.
  • Only students wearing leather ballet slippers or barefoot will be allowed in the Studio.
  • Students are expected to refrain from talking in classes, hanging or leaning on the barres, putting feet on the walls, and from touching the mirrors or stereo equipment in the studios.
  • Please help keeping the School clean and taking care the School properties or equipments. Students, who cause damages to any School properties or equipments, will be held responsible for the repair costs or the replacement of the damaged items.
  • Please inform the School if there is any change of students' personal particulars.
  • Students will be given the chance to perform on the stage occasionally. Our School will arrange costumes and will charge each student costume rental or order fee.


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