• Cheques and cash payment can be made for paying tuition fee and registration fee. Cheques should be made payable to "", crossed with student name and programme name on the back of the cheque. A separate cheque should be issued for each course.
  • Tuition fees paid are not refundable, except in the event of a course being fully enrolled or cancelled.
  • Transfer of enrolment from one course to another can only be made subject to the approval of . Course fees paid and enrolment status cannot be transferred from one applicant to another.
  • Tuition fees for all the programmes are charged monthly. Students must pay the monthly tuition fee in full regardless of how many lessons they have attended (except for new students, if new students cannot enroll on or before the first lesson of that month, their tuition fees will be adjusted according to the date of their enrolments). For students enrolling the RAD Ballet Examinations Programmes, full payment or at least "four-lesson fees" should be made if they enroll after the first lesson of that month. Make-up lessons will be arranged. Please refer the payment details to the Tuition Fee List.
  • Tuition fees must be paid together with the Payment Reminder Slip on or before the monthly payment deadline (the 10th of each month), otherwise students will be required to pay an administration late charge of HK$100 each month.
  • Tuition fees paid are not refundable regardless of whether students have attended classes or not.


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