• All enrolments must be made in person. A filled application form (download) together with a copy of Birth Certificate/Passport / ID Card and 2 passport size photographs are needed (1 passport size photograph for all Adult Programmes).
  • Students who enroll on our RAD Ballet Examinations Programmes are recommended to attend a placement class. All students attending the placement class should pay HK$50 handling fee in Cash and fill in an application form in advance. If students enroll within two weeks after their trial lesson, the HK$50 handling fee will be refunded.
  • All the regulated dancewear is available for purchase at the Studio. The whole set of regulated dance uniform is about HK$400-HK$600.
  • All students enroll the first time on any of our programmes should pay HK$200 enrolment and registration fee (non-refundable) including Student Handbook, a School Tee OR a School bag.
  • All students and their parents who wish to enroll on any of our programmes must pay attention and commit themselves to follow our School Regulations.
  • For more information, please contact us on 2374-5222 or visit our School in person or our website http://www.dancefit.com.hk, or to request fax service for any programmes information.
  • Students who have attended not less than three months of any programmes can apply for a Statement of Attendance at a cost of HK$20 each.
  • reserves the rights to make alternations regarding instructors, class schedules and the contents, also reserves the right to cancel if enrolment is insufficient.


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