Required Class Attire & Hairstyle

  • Regulated ballet uniform is compulsory for students attending ballet class for the sake of discipline and uniformity.
  • Dance shoes and regulation dancewear is available for purchase at .
  • Teachers will inspect student attire before entering class. Students must be properly clothed and equipped for each class. This includes hair and uniform, shoes & props.
  • Any student not properly dressed for any class will be given a verbal warning and asked to secure the proper attire before the next class. The student receives more than TWO verbal warnings about proper attire for class will NOT be allowed to participate in the class. No make-up classes will be offered for these missed classes.
  • Dance shoes should never be worn on the street.
  • Short hair must be pinned back securely off the face and wear headband and hairnet. Long hair should be worn neatly in a classical style -all hair must be pinned back securely off the face and in a bun.
  • Short ponytails or braids taken over the head are allowed in the Pre-school classes only.
  • Students attending other courses are suggested to wear School Tee. Long hair should be secured in ponytails.
  • Jewelleries and accessories are not allowed to wear during lessons.


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