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Many forms of popular exercise are just that - exercise. Ballet on the other hand is a complete discipline involving the body, mind and creative expression of the individual. It is an art form and a discipline where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the music and enter another world for an hour. Our adult programme is specifically designed for the Adult/ Late Teen who wishes to begin ballet as a form of exercise or conditioning and experience first hand the pleasures of movement, music and the spirit of dance.

The programme does not require as deep a level of commitment, which is perfect for students who participate in other activities, for developing elegance or simply learning the art of ballet. If you are like the majority of students, you will probably find that the physical benefits gained will quickly become secondary to the sheer beauty and joy of dance you will undoubtedly experience. Classes are designed to provide an exciting way to get a great workout: develop muscle toned, grace and self-confidence; increase flexibility and strength; and also improve posture, balance, and coordination, as well as dance appreciation in a relaxed environment. It will do more than provide a weekly opportunity for stretch and exercise. The classes are non-competitive, friendly and a great way to get fit while learning something new.

Very Beginning Ballet
Focus on introducing fundamental ballet training. Classes commence with 10 minutes of floor work, 25 minutes at the barre and work up to a further 25 minutes of invigorating centre work. Pilates and yoga are combined with classic ballet exercises. Focus is on stretching and strengthening muscle groups with very simple exercises. All participants will feel comfortable. The class will improve flexibility and increase strength while sculpting your body into a leaner look. We emphasize posture, muscle development, flexibility and grace of movement. Ballet steps are introduced slowly so that self-esteem and ballet technique develop within an entertaining and artistic atmosphere.

Foundation Ballet
The course will introduce a range of ballet vocabulary and the basic techniques of the classical art form through barre work and center work. Through working on classical techniques such as plie, tendu, port de bras, arabesque and small jumps to improve and enhance body coordination, body alignment, correct placement and posture, balance and musicality. Focus on progressively training the student's articulated footwork, turnout of the lower extremities, flexibility of the joints, and strength within their range of motion. Steps are broken down clearly and logically. The class begins with a thorough warm up at the barre or on the floor and culminates to a well-prepared centre floor work. The grace and beauty of ballet will be emphasized.

Medium of Instruction
Cantonese supplemented with English and French technical terms

Target Audience
Very Beginning Ballet
A truly beginning ballet class for adult novices. All shapes, sizes and adult ages are encouraged. There is no age limit; opens to anyone, even those who have never attended a ballet class in their lives or have had little experience.

Foundation Ballet
A 'return' to ballet for adults following an absence of many years, in fact probably since childhood. Highly recommended to dance lovers with experience ranging one to three years' prior training in ballet.

There is no official uniform for students of the Adult class. Leotards that allow freedom of movement, full range of motion, and the ability for the instructor to see placement of the body is strongly recommended. Ballet Shoes are required for ballet classes. All the regulated dancewear is available for purchase at . All hair must be secured in a bun before entering class.

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