All the dance programmes are offered by Cecilia Chan & Ballerinas Studio.

Ballet is the hardest dance form to learn but it is the one that gives your child the most. Ballet instills discipline and concentration that will remain with students throughout their lives, and has been proven to help children do better in school. Among other ideals, students studying dance will gain self-confidence, expression, discipline of mind and body, greater musicality and rhythmic ability, an appreciation for all the arts, and dedication with the desire to excel in all their pursuits.

According to The Royal Academy of Dance, study for Classical Ballet aims to:

  • Encourage students to appreciate dance as an art form
  • Promote the study of Classical Ballet and related dance disciplines primarily as leisure or recreational activity
  • Promote and encourage enjoyment of dance movement as a form of physical exercise
  • Develop a general appreciation of music
Our curriculum is based on The Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet Examination Syllabi
  • Pre-school Dance Curriculum (2.5 - 5 yrs)
  • Graded Examinations in Dance (5 yrs or above)
    Pre Primary - Grade 8
  • Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance (11 yrs or above)
    Inter-Foundation - Advanced

Measurement of Progress
Teacher Assessment: Parents of students at all levels are encouraged to enquire about and to follow the progress of their child.
Studio Presentations/Performances: An enjoyable way for parents and the children themselves to measure their progress.
Royal Academy of Dance Graded and Vocational Examinations: Our school prepares and enters candidates for The Royal Academy of Dance Graded and Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance every year. These exams are not compulsory but are usually recommended for students attending a minimum of twice weekly syllabus classes for a year. Only those students who can present the corresponding examination syllabus with appropriate aptitude will be eligible to enter for the examination. All successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate issued by The Royal Academy of Dance.

During examinations, most students are eager to show what they have learned for an audience. Some may be overwhelmed by the excitement and the attention. The examination experience can be very positive and uplifting for children, but please remember that the curriculum is process and not product oriented.

Training Student Discipline Through Required Attire and Commitment

It is important for parents to educate their child the habits of well gloomed, which is a vital part of ballet training. All the regulated dancewear is available for purchase at . Regulated ballet uniform is compulsory for students attending ballet class. All hair must be secured in a bun before entering class. Students with short hair should also wear headband and hairnet. Any student not properly dressed for any class will be given a verbal warning and asked to secure the proper attire before the next class. Student receives more than TWO verbal warnings about proper attire for class, will NOT be allowed to participate in the class. No make-up classes will be offered for these missed classes.

It is important that students in examination classes attend all of their assigned classes (a minimum of twice weekly syllabus classes for a year). Call the studio to inform us in cases of illness or emergency. Make-up lessons will be handled on an individual basis. Group work and partnership are vital part of dance training. Students with too many absences may not only jeopardize their own performance in classes and examinations, but also their partners and groups' performance. In this case, they are likely to be barred from entering the coming RAD examinations.

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Ballet provides a solid foundation for all other forms of dance. It also forms the basis for discipline, creativity, and appreciation of dance as an art form. believes that a quality dance training helps students develop not only physically, but also in a manner with which they can build their self-discipline and positive attitude toward all areas in their life. In an atmosphere of encouragement and fun, students are motivated to strive for excellence in technique, grace, and poise with additional emphasis on strength, energy, and expression.

All classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus which has proven to be highly successful in reaching students of all ages and levels. Very young students will experience the joy of movement, rhythm and improvisation in semi-structured classes. Adults are invited to recapture their previous years of ballet training or to study the art for the very first time. Royal Academy of Dance stresses the importance of every student having an achievable goal. This is measured either by an Examination or a Presentation Class, which involves the study of either the Graded or Vocational Graded Syllabus. Examinations are open to all students, and they offer students a challenge to show their understanding of the work.

Under the guidance of Miss Chan, each student not only receives a thorough foundation in classical ballet technique, but also a programme of body conditioning that promotes strengthening the body through increased flexibility, based upon ballet, yoga, and Pilates-style methods. By building carefully on these foundations, students will progress to explore the full range of his or her artistic abilities without demanding more from their young bodies than they can handle.

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