Our History

Cecilia Chan & Ballerinas Studio is affiliated to , offering programmes in Dance and Movement. The School was established in 1994 to provide quality classical ballet training for young students. The goal of the School has been to develop a sound technique and cultivate an appreciation of dance in every student. The classes instil discipline and concentration that will remain with students throughout their lives. It has extensive experience in running ballet courses and fitness workshops with various organizations. The courses have received great critical acclaim. Up to now, hundreds of students have joined the classes. During the years, the School is actively promoting the knowledge and practice of dance and fitness in the territory. The curriculum offers a comprehensive and well-structured classical ballet education, from Graded Examinations to Vocational Examinations in Dance. Students are evaluated through progressively structured graded examinations offered by The Royal Academy of Dance.

Teaching Method and Style

Miss Cecilia Chan finds her own methods of bringing her arts and exercise science knowledge into the dance studio. She thinks that a closed knowledge of the syllabus is insufficient for today's dance teachers in raising a new generation of young healthy dancers with high technical and artistic standard. Besides conveying the syllabus in an understandable manner, she also incorporates some other aspects of knowledge related to dance such as the use of anatomy, injury prevention and care, physical fitness, nutrition, and body conditioning into dance teaching to give both her students and herself another way of making dance practice more efficient and effective. This comprehensive knowledge will enable her students understanding and reacting quickly to her corrections, and thereby learning to analyse and correct their own faults themselves. Her teaching style emphasizes using direct approach and demonstration as well as guided discovery and exploration. She will not only judge her students mainly on the correct execution of technique, but also the development of their mind and emotion, which plays an even more important part of teaching.

Our Mission

We are committed to:

  • Provide high quality dance teaching.
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for each student, which is appropriate to his/her age, ability level and goals.
  • As far as possible in a class situation, provide equal learning opportunities for all students.
  • Prepare and enter students for RAD examinations & class presentations, where the instructor believes it to be appropriate to their learning development.
  • Respond positively to requests by students or their parents for a discussion about any aspect of the student's training.

In return, we expected each student is committed to:

  • Respect other students, their parents, their teachers and other people they work with in class and meet in the Studio.
  • Attend all classes to which they are committed and arriving in time to begin the class prepared at the scheduled time.
  • Make sure that they are properly clothed and equipped for each class. This includes hair and uniform, shoes and props.
  • Make their learning purposeful and set a high standard of work and to pursue their work to best of their ability.
  • Behave appropriately in class and not to disrupt their own or other student's learning.

Also, we hope parents agree that:

  • They will support their children in their dance studies.
  • They will support the Studio in encouraging high standards of dancing, learning and behaviour.
  • They will ensure that their children attend classes regularly and promptly and honour all commitments.


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